Wikipedia In The News Analysis

Wikipedia has an "In the news" section which lists current events that have a corresponding Wikipedia article.

What gets posted is determined by the consensus of Wikipedia editors. Usually, this is no more than half a dozen votes for or against.  

I wanted to see what articles saw the most support from editors in 2021, so I wrote some robust Python code using BeautifulSoup and pandas to collect and organize these individual supports.

For "recent deaths", only supports for blurbs are considered.

The most supported event articles of 2021:

Article Number of Supports 35 25,_Duke_of_Edinburgh 24 23 22 21 21 19 19 19

Now, looking at the pageviews of the articles in the month they occured.

Here is a chart of the normalized support for an article, with the normalized pageviews.

The pageviews for the Betty White and Prince Philip articles were an order of magnitude greater than the others, so they are just displayed as one: